The Modern Quilt Guild has curated a collection of patterns, webinars and articles called The Modern Monthly and is available every quarter so you have an great aray of information and inspiration at your finger tips. The patterns are interesting and creative yet simple enough for beginners.

Issue 03 features the Block Study called Staggered Steps which was designed by Yolanda Whitehead of the Cincinnati MQG.  There are two modern quilt patterns using this block called Ladders and Waves available to download so you can use them as they are or create somthing different using the block itself.

Ladders Quilt

Included in the issue, Maritza Soto gives a brilliant webinar on Impov Quilting. There are as many ideas about improv and many of us struggle to know where to start to improv our way to a pleasing design.There are however some basic threads of commonality that run through these improv quilts. In this webinar, Maritza talks about her various approaches to working in a manner where the process is everything and the maker bends the rules to watch the final design unfold.

Click here to go to this issue, use your membership details to log in. use the tab that says ”For MQG Members” to access Modern Monthly and more.

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