Kathleen Riggins Workshop presented by the Sydney Modern Quilt Guild

We are delighted to announce that legendary Canadian free motion quilter, Kathleen Riggins, is coming to Sydney to teach for the Sydney Modern Quilt Guild!

You might know Kathleen’s work through her Instagram moniker Kathleen Quilts. Kathleen is coming to Australia to teach at AMQF and after finishing in Adelaide, she is heading to Sydney to teach for us.

The dates are Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 September, 2018 and the venue is Dooley’s Waterview at Silverwater Rd & Clyde St, Silverwater NSW 2128.

Saturday 29/9 :: Easy Quilting, Stunning Quilts
Use a straight ruler and easy fills to create stunning modern quilting designs. Use the piecing in the quilt to find hidden shapes and lines, then simply fill them in for fantastic quilting! In this class you will use a cheater panel to practice the techniques we learn.
Full day. 10 am – 4 pm
Cost of cheater panel is an extra cost of approximately A$26 payable on the day.

Sunday 30/9 :: Quilting For The Crazy/Combining Designs In Modern Ways
Sometimes spending that little bit of extra time on a quilt can really make it special. Mark lines & shapes to create stunning negative spaces may be time consuming, but it’s not particularly difficult. Knowing some basic designs is one thing, but knowing how to combine them in interesting ways can open a whole new world of quilting – without having to learn new designs! Join Kathleen as she walks you through some of her favourite ways to combine designs, helping you create stunning quilts.
Full day. 10am – 4pm

You may enrol for both days, if you wish. The material covered will not overlap.

Cost includes workshop only. Lunch, coffees and snacks may be purchased in the club dining room.

Cost per day for members: $175
Cost per day for SMQG non-members: $250

Join the Sydney Modern Quilt Guild today and save big! Send us an email we will send you a membership form.

Places are limited, so book quickly.

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Karlee Porter Graffiti Quilting Workshop

Armed with their machines, colourful thread, a range of sharpies and a drawing pad, Caroline, Michelle, Jenna and Kathy headed down the coast to Bulli for a two day workshop with Karlee Porter pioneer of Graffiti Quilting.

Day 1 was fascinating as we learned all about the different techniques and symbols to use in the graffiti quilting style. We practiced in our drawing pads and Karlee talked us through the styles and her quilting journey. There was plenty of show and tell along the way! In the afternoon we got to practice on our machines.


21161375796_f2f0b4fbac_z    image(Pictures – Kathy’s Sketch; Jenna’s Graffiti Quilting ; Kathy’s Graffiti Quilting)

Friday night there was also a special Trunk Show where we got to hear more stories about Karlee’s quilting story and more closely pet – I mean examine  some of her quilts. Digital Printing, different fabrics, paint, crystals and beading all make appearances in her quilts. We also heard about her collaborations with other artists such as her spectacular “Hear me Roar” quilt with the artist Patrick Seymour.

image(Pictures : Karlee Porter’s and her “Hear Me Roar” quilt, front and back)

Day 2 we learnt about layouts and how to make our quilts flow nicely. Then we each decided on a layout and went to town on the free motion quilting!

21195465891_dd52346759_z  21177301902_654c6a95f0_z

(Pictures: Michelle’s Graffiti Quilt, plus the lucky door prize she won!; Caroline’s Russian Mosques Graffiti Quilt)

21187638485_f0454cb1c1_z  20566496853_a141b59256_z

(Pictures: Jenna’s Russian Mosque Graffiti Quilting)

Graffiti(Pictures: Kathy’s Russian Mosque Graffiti Quilting)

Karlee even designed a special Sydney Harbour Graffiti Quilting icon!

So thanks Karlee for the awesome workshop and a big shout out to the Wollongong Modern Quilt Guild for organising/hosting.

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