I am delighted to announce today that the Greater Western Sydney Modern Quilt Guild has been granted registration as an Incorporated Association under the Associations Incorporation Act 2009. Which is a fancy way of saying that we are now an official entity, with a constitution and rules and brand new office-bearers, elected by those present at the Monday Meetup on 22 April, 2013.

The inaugural office-bearers of the Greater Western Sydney Modern Quilt Guild, Inc. are as follows:

President – Sheridan Powell
Vice-President – Lorena Uriarte
Secretary – Jenna Appleton
Treasurer – Sheridan Powell

We will be ready to start accepting membership fees at the very next meeting, on Monday 27 May, and that will be the basis for a separate post.

Once the founding members of the GWSMQG Inc. have joined and we have official membership underway, we will be seeking nominations for two more ordinary (ie non-office-bearing) members to join the committee. Caroline Gunn has kindly agreed to be nominated as our Challenge Officer, so that’s one nomination taken care of. Please come and see us at a meeting if you would like to be nominated as the other ordinary committee member. We welcome lots of involvement from all members and hope that everyone will step up in due course and take a role in leading the Guild.

If you aren’t already aware, we are hoping to be one of the first guilds to sign up to be an official member guild of the global Modern Quilt Guild from the 1st of July, and we are on track to achieve that.

Behind the scenes, my next job is to apply to the Australian Tax Office for not-for-profit status.  I have updated the ‘Upcoming Meetings’ on the side tab, and you might see Lorena and Jenna in here too from time to time. I apologise for not keeping this as up to date as I should have, but it’s never too late to start afresh.

Thank you to everyone who played a role in applying for registration as an Incorporated Association. It was a big job and your help was much appreciated!


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  • Narelle Morris

    Hi Sheridan , This is great news! Congratulations! And thanks to everyone who put in the hard yards! I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the meeting next Monday night and joining as a member of the GWSMQG! Cheers Narelle Morris Sent from my iPad

  • Kate Creighton

    Well done Sheridan, you put in most of the work and it is worth it. See you next Monday night ready and willing to join!!

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